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BEWARE SCAMS - Trans and Cis alike! / General Transgender Discussion / Transgender Forum

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#1 Jan 10, 2024 7:13:PM


BEWARE SCAMS - Trans and Cis alike!

Oops just got taken for a ride (and NOT in a fun way) - I let someone share Love Dreams on FBook - they weren't what* they appeared - I should have smelled a rat when they got me to go over to Google Chat - which I gather is more hackable - I guess when they got my Phone No they figured they could get into Dual Factor Authorisation or my bank account, but i dont really use that on the phone

What's kinda evil/scary is how they had pics that looked an awful lot like a deceased (trans) partner of mine - they were rather alike, they really DID start to walk my dreams before i latched on!

when a REAL Romance falls flat its at least nice to HAVE those dreams awhile, but to EXPLOIT someones dreams (for the measly scrapings left in MY bank account) is .. pretty nasty?

So do be careful...

You:I dont know much about who you are, how you travel..
A**** C*****: I did not travel I'm in Manchester I just want out to the store and get some chocolate
You:I am rather curious about something
A**** C*****:What that?
You:how did you travel 5,204 miles in 20 Minutes? Does your Mercedes fly at Mach 5 ?
You:This is a US Store!

Update - turns out the pics were of Trans Adult Model Claire Tenebaram! aka Claire Gemini - someone should prob tell her!

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