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#1 Jan 05, 2024 7:19:PM


Hello World!

I’m pushing 50 and starting that mid-life panic that I’m not living the life I should. I’ve always admired women… and wanted to be one at the same time. I dislike what I see in the mirror, not because I’m unhealthy or ungrateful for my health… it’s just not representative of the complicated and “curvy” female I feel inside. I think like a woman and I crave androgyny as the best only way to live (and love) freely in such a cruel and narrow-minded world.

I tried to be “normal” after my divorce and jumped into marriage #2, thinking Aimee was a means to live out some fetish desire. I was wrong. With the Pride movement I found the self acceptance I needed all along, despite the remaining challenges of the radical and religious right (getting older = IDGAF even more).

I am so far from where I want to be, but I’m doing my best to make my dreams happen. I am so much happier as Aimee… I smile so much it hurts. I am a far better lover, full of desire and sexual energy as Aimee. As “Jeff” I am mostly dead inside, focusing so hard on where I’d rather be all while being paralyzed by fear.

I guess this is a good starting place ???♀️


#2 Jan 06, 2024 12:21:PM


Re: Hello World!


Your post was so beautifully written, and it touched me in a way that I resonated so deeply, which is validating and comforting. I just want to say I hear you and I feel you. 

My life, when I was Amy, just recently came to an end, it had to in some way, shape or form, she had nothing left. Smack bang on the last day of 2023 I I was blessed to have found the blissful connection to my true identity, and who I live by today as ???????.

I was reborn and gifted with a new life and a clean slate of self creation and identity that is protected from the harsh and cruel influence of society. I am who I am completely influenced by my essence, ann identity that is genuinely mine, and like you, I smile so much, it hurts every day.

I embrace Malakai - the man I am today because it is truly the wildest gift to my life, so much more than I could ever have dreamt for. ????? ?

Kai. ?


#3 Feb 01, 2024 10:03:PM


Re: Hello World!

Hi there. I am new member. Nice to meet you))


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