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#1 Jul 20, 2018 11:25:AM


just decided to Transition

as of this week i have decided to start my transition. I did a little makeup the other night and I really liked what i seen. Any advice as far as dressing makeup tips really anything would be great. I also have a few questions as far as Hormones and what to expect from them, I live in the south so this is going to be very difficult for me to do I may end up having to relocate to live how i want to..again any advice would be great...thanks all


#2 Jul 23, 2018 2:41:AM


Re: just decided to Transition

I presume by "transition" you aren't moving to a 24/7 female identity.  Transitioning is a difficult and dangerous life change, one not to be entered lightly.  Hormones are something to stay away from until your sure that's the path you want.

Start with contacting support groups, and probably a therapist.

You can email me if you want.  I'm a mtf crossdresser myself, so far, and I've been doing it for some years and still am not ready to "transition".



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Re: just decided to Transition

Hi we Spoke before

Here's how I see it , before you even consider transitioning I think that you should live as a woman full time for 2 years , I think that is the rule in the UK .
You really need to know that this is for you , it's not just the look its the whole mental side of things , we all like to dress and think how lovely it would  be to be full time but in reality  would it be

If it really is what you want then yes by all means follow that path , see the professionals get the right advice but don't go alone and I say this to all the girls on here thinking all these lines - get your head sorted first by living in your preferred gender and if you are then still of the same mindset after a year or two then you can carry onto the next stage .

Even then you need to really question do I need to go on hormones , I don't know anything about them but I have read enough to know that taking them has huge implications to your body - I know myself that even if went full time that taking hormones , having surgery is not part of my journey .

I'm not trying to put people of at all but just asking people to very very seriously question of its the right thing , i think it's not going to take everything away and you'll live happily ever after if you have some emotional stuff from your past

I am not an expert or professional in any way I just don't want anyone making any rash decisions that they can't turn back from later on down the line .

I hope that nobody is offended by this post
All I ask is don't go from just dressing the house a few hours a day  to taking hormones please give yourself time to grow

Thanks love and hugs Katie
And good luck xxx

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Re: just decided to Transition

First let me reinforce the concept that this is a life altering decision. Having gone down this rabbit hole I can't understate this. It will change every relationship you have and will cause repercussions for the reset of your life. I can't speak for others but I chose to transition because if I didn't, I knew I would be dead. Basically, I had nothing else to lose. That all said.

Start with a good therapist that understands gender issues. Sometimes there are other issues that lead to dysphoria. They can help you sort out your emotions and understand realistic expectations.

Master passing without hormones. Perfect your skills as a cross dresser to pass. Hormones will help but if you can't pass without them, hormones are not a magic pill and will not magically allow you to pass. Passing is about mannerisms, speech patterns, and many other subtle clues. Under the old rules in the US you had to live full time as your true self (woman) for 2 years before you could start hormones. Finding and or maintaining a job will probably be difficult. Transition is expensive. Let me say that again. Transition if Freaking expensive! So you need awesome healthcare and a good paying job otherwise you will get stuck part way. I had awesome healthcare and figured it cost around $80,000 in 1992 dollars. I have friends who ran out of money and are stuck part way through transition. They have been evicted from their home (they rented) and fired from their job. You will face discrimination not only for being trans but you will learn women are treated much differently than men. In many states it is still legal to discriminate against someone for being trans.

Hormones are for a lifetime. They are a very powerful. They effect physical and emotional well being. There effect are none reversible for the most part. They also have side effects so go online and do your research. They are not to be played with or self prescribed.

Surgery, there is a whole menu of surgeries that people feel they may or may not need to allow them to feel more comfortable and to improve their ability to pass.

I don't know you and I don't know if transition is right for you. I just want to ensure you have you eyes wide open and you do you homework before heading down the rabbit hole.


#5 Mar 13, 2019 5:10:PM

Re: just decided to Transition


While I can't really provide much in the way of makeup tips (OTOH, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube, and any cosmetologist will show you the basics for not that much money), I can tell you a little about what to expect from hormones.

At first, you won't see many changes. You will *feel* the changes, though -- as in, they do change your emotional makeup in some way. It's always a case of your mileage may vary, but you should *feel* the changes first.

After a few months, you'll notice some feminizing effects. Your skin will soften, you should see some fat redistribution, and you'll start growing breasts. Some estheticians even recommend being on hormones for a few months before starting hair removal, since HRT may slow hair growth, etc.

Of course, you want to make sure you're under the care of a physician or endocrinologist, so that you can have your blood monitored and so on.

Best of luck to you.


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