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ReddSophi Ofline
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Just coming out.

Posted: 2 years ago - Jul 20, 2022

Hi I am a transgender MtF AMAB that was raised in a Mormon household. It's been tough for me in general, but I'm on here now looking for friends and supporters.

I've been through a lot, both emotionally and physically. Lost my parents (both) to Covid-19 in Feb of 2022. I've been stabbed 40+ times including 6xs to the head at one point. Had a lung deflated.

Currently I'm homeless, due to various factors including Covid. But I am determined to get back on my feet.

I look for good people who like to joke and have fun, who aren't overly "woke" because I don't really get that stuff. I was born as I was, and I don't get upset when others make the mistake of using the wrong prefixes, so I don't blend well with the modern Trans crowd. Makes making friends hard, because although I don't talk much in real life, when I do I tend to be blunt even when I'm being tactful. Especially if it's about something I don't agree with and thus mediation with the new gen is not my forte.

I am Trans but I don't like men or trans identifying individuals tbh. I still exclusively prefer cis-women for sexual preferences which makes it further difficult to secure friends in the trans community it seems. I'm aware that represent an extremely small niche, so I just try and wait for the right friends to present themselves.

If you can deal with all of that, I'm personable especially online. I like to keep it positive and try to uplift those i befriend. I write poetry and am artistic in general. I know how to tattoo as well. I like Video Games and table top gaming, and am even trying to put together my own proprietary tabletop game which infuses scifi and fantasy/midevil themes solidly. I'm impassioned about learning more about VR and would like to dabble with that. I think I have ideas on how to address some of the subtle Haptic and/or somatics they struggle with.

Friend me please!

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