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Afternoon with tea.

Posted: 4 months ago - Nov 16, 2023

On a low marble topped table sit two cups two saucers two spoons, remnants of a quiet personal ritual shared by two. As the afternoon begins to deepen to evening soft rain falls almost without sound from a tender gray sky

On a settee, quiet for the moment we rest , our knees at angle nearly touching . Dressed as we are, heels hose skirts blouses the casual finery of friendship and comfort. As if on cue together we smile inwardly at our secret shared.

I say something to you in conversation you reply yet neither seems to have heard as time has built this moment to such that words mean little. I sit with hands folded in my lap, tentatively you reach and place your hand on top mine then withdraw as if frightened some line has been crossed. Once again you take my hand I now hold yours with a gentle press. This flesh that has come together is warm and assuring , tenderness unspoken. My free hand rises to your hair to gently push back the stray lock that has fallen rakish across your brow the gesture like a friend like a sister like, a lover.

My hand slides softly down your cheek finger tips lightly touch tracing along the line of your jaw over your chin to drop again resting on your leg idly sliding to the hem of your skirt to give your stocking encased knee a playful squeeze.

With eyelashes fluttering we look at each other demurely then directly and back again a mantle clock ticking in the quiet is now the only sound. Now it is time.

Slow but without hesitance I lean to you our faces now meet mere inches apart noses bump, chagrined we pull back slightly with girlish giggles.

Once more together, close ever so. Feelings fill our hearts perfumes fill our senses or lips touch , barely , then , firmer they reunite lip gloss sticky and sweet, just holding them so close and light until..... having hidden our feelings we can no longer hold our passions our mouths crush together in a joyful consummation.

Our embrace tightens , hands sliding over silky garments, our gentle muted sounds of happiness escape with no effort.

And then. Stop, Eyes closed our lips apart, foreheads touching, our hearts pounding we pause , breathing slowed now,,,, we once again......


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