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TRANSGENDER CHAT & SOCIAL NETWORK Transgender Chat and Social Network provides free social and support services for the trans community including transwomen, transmen, supporters and anyone who identifies on the transgender spectrum. We are proud to be an inclusive community welcoming all who self-identify as transgender, crossdressers, pre-op and transitioning transsexuals, post-op transsexuals, intersexed, drag queens, androgynous, male to female, female to male, non-binary, gender-questioning and significant others. Joining is fast and free for unlimited access to the transgender chat rooms, profiles and private messaging system. Come meet new trans friends at!


photosCreate your transgender chat profile in the TGGuide social network! It is fast and 100% free, so sign-up now. You will then be allowed to create your personal profile. All profile fields are optional with the exception of age, location, gender and about me sections. You may also upload both public and private photos. Photos aren't required but are a great way to engage with more members. Upload as many photos as you want. You may unlock your private photos for other members by clicking the unlock button on their profile. TIP: TGGuide chat members with photos enjoy 85%+ more social engagement than those without photos.


onlineEnjoy social interaction with thousands of chat members and hundreds of trans chat rooms, all catering to the transgender community. You will be able to join transgender chat categorized by interests, peer support, themes and regional/local chat rooms. You'll find a local room if you're signing in from Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Houston, London, Sydney, Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Melbourne, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego or anywhere else in the world. Sign into your account anytime on your desktop or mobile device to connect with our worldwide transgender chat and social network.

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HRT since 08 April 2015. GRS on 09 May 2018. Officially female on birth certificate, passport etc.

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