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ReddSophi Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Jul. 23, 2022
Joined: Jul 04, 2022
Age: 33
Gender: T(M2F)
Location: Atlanta, GA, US
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Female
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 6 ft. 1 in. /185.42 cm.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Race/Ethnicity: White
About Me
I'm fun loving but shy, and kinda reserved. I like spending time with friends and going out to have fun.
KInda new to trans life and looking for support. seeking to transition, but not sacrificing my preferred gender intrests.
Love video games and heavy metal, good food and kicking it.
Looking for a special gal to share time with. Maybe a relationship, but for now I think that it's best to keep things for fun sexually. Been hurt a lot...
Have no surgical procedures or alterations as yet but looking into HRT regimens.
Like to dress nice and look nice together.
Education & Work
Education: GED and self study.
Employer: Broke and unemployed?
College/University: Not yet...
Religion: Spiritual and respectful of others as well. But ultimate unaligned.
Political Views: Complicated. That's a I have to say about politics.
Favorite Quotes: The only thing worth loving in life is the the love you find that makes you love life.
Arts & Entertainment
Books: Fantasy:the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Wheel of Time, the Night Angel series by Brent Weeks

Sci-fi:. Star Wars novels , Anything by Micheal Chricton
Movies: Star Wars, The Ho it and the Lord of the Rings,. Marvels stuff. The Princess Bride, All the Aliens franchise, Kick Ass, The Joker, and the Dark Knight series,
Television: Star Wars series on Disney+,. The Whtcher series,. The Wheel of Time series and probably the new Halo series tho I haven't seen it yet.
Music: Linkin Park is my first love, but Five Finger Death Punch is close second and I love all kinds of heavy metal. I listen to some rap but Im picky. Raps Gone downhill. I like things that are upbeat and kinda amp me up. I can listen to some night core and st
Games: Titanfall! The Legend of Zelda is my favorite series and I like most first person shooters and RPGs in general.
Also like MMOs but they take so much time Be I become a slave so it's best that I keep it light on those. Work and life has to happen some
Favortie Sports: Nope.
Favorite Teams: The ones who don't play.
Favorite Athletes: Special Olypians.
Activites & Interests
Interests: I like rock climbing and cycling. I don't count these as sports be wise sports are competitive and thus stupid...
I like learning about how stuff works and keeping up with the video game market. I like map editors in video games specifically to build in. I
I like being creative and have some experience tattooing but not formal experience.
Activities: I like activities. Yes. Unless your dead, this catagory comprises 100% of your life. So let's all say yes to activities.

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